Basics of LightingEdit

Lighting can be used to track where you are on the map as well as track your shots from your hand.  Understanding lighting can allow you to keep track of your sense of self even when you are strafing backwards or even dagger jumping. Few things produce light in Devil Daggers however;

  • The center of the arena.
  • The Dagger (Before collecting it allowing you to shoot)
  • Daggers, both homming and dummy.
  • Gems.
  • SPIDER I head as well as SPIDER I spawns produce a little bit of light.
  • Most SKULL's produce a little light when close to the ground.
  • THORN produce a little lighting.

The CircleEdit

The idea of the Circle is that you can keep track of yourself no matter what way your facing by keeping track of the different lighting circles on the arena floor. The brightest circle of light in the arena is where the dagger spawns and is the center of the arena. The first right is further out around the center Circle, the rings get progressively dimmer until the edge which is simply black. When you are strafing and/or bunny hopping use these circles of light to keep track of where you are in the arena. These small indicators can help you not fall of the edge.