Homing daggers are a special type of dagger in the game. They differ from regular daggers in the following ways:

Devildaggers homing
  • They look bright blue instead of orange.
  • They follow a target, instead of flying straight forward.
  • They are (assumed to be) 10 times more damaging.
  • They can only be used when the player has reached the second hand upgrade.
  • They do not have infinite ammo, and instead use gems collected by the player.
  • They cannot follow a target while a GHOSTPEDE is alive, because it will eat the homing daggers.

Homing daggers can be beneficial to use when the player becomes overwhelmed with enemies. Many players use homing daggers around 255 seconds, to make sure the arena is clear before the gigapedes spawn. However, it is advised to fire homing daggers only when necessary because it will hinder the player's progress to upgrade 3.

Homing daggers and their relation to gems Edit

Homing daggers do not have infinite ammo. As soon as the player gets the second upgrade, they won't have any ammo to fire homing daggers with. Collecting gems will give the player ammo. Each gem equals exactly one homing dagger. When the player uses the shotgun-blast, 10 homing daggers are shot. When the player has less than 10 homing daggers stacked, then that amount will be shot.

The player's ammo is not represented by a number on the screen. However, the more daggers the player has stacked, the more blue the hand will flicker.



When the player has stacked a total of 150 homing daggers, the third upgrade will be unlocked. When this happens, all homing daggers will be consumed. Even though that might sound like a terrible thing, the third hand upgrade is said to be worth it. The LEVIATHAN is almost impossible to beat without the upgrade.