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Devil Daggers is a fast-paced First-Person Shooter developed by Sorath akin to PC shooters of the 1990s. It takes place on a small stone platform anchored in the depths of Hell. The player, after collecting the Devil Dagger, must then fight off an onslaught of horrifying demons that kill on contact, ranging from flying horned skulls to giant bone centipedes. Fight off the damned for as long as you can, because as you progress and grow more powerful, more terrifying hellspawn crop up, and in ever larger numbers. There is no end, only survival. Once you die, your high score will be presented for the world to see on a global leaderboard, along with a downloadable replay of your endeavor.

This Wikia was made to help veterans, casuals and new players alike uncover the cryptic mechanics the game presents. If you've found something that you're not sure anyone else might now, add it to the archives, so that others can test and use that knowledge as well. Devil Daggers has many layers to its deceptively simple gameplay which need to be revealed by the community.

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