CENTIPEDES are an enemy type seen in Devil Daggers. All CENTIPEDES float in the air and have multiple body segments with one gem each. Each gem drops as soon as it is destroyed by the player.



The first of the pedes you will encounter, the Centipede doesn't pose much of a threat as they only loosely follow the player, but can easily be overwhelming if not killed quickly enough. Before rising from the ground, a cloud of dust will appear around their point of entry. Make sure to not stand in this! After they rise, they will fly around the arena idly for a short time until they start following the player. Try to kill the Centipede quickly as they frequently burrow back into the saftey of the ground. The first centipede to spawn spawns with a SPIDER 1, which should usually be killed immediately as to prevent your 25 gems from being stolen.


The Centipede's bigger brother, the Gigapede is twice as long and a bit more aggressive. At 262 seconds, a gang of three Gigapedes will arise and immediately start to chase the player. They will not return to the ground, giving you more time to deal with them, but due to their length they can easily get tangled and become quite a nuissance if not dealt with in a timely fashion. After the initial 3, lone Gigapedes will make multiple appearances