• NotAntiJack

    Secret or a bug?

    January 7, 2018 by NotAntiJack

    Upon pressing tab in the options menu, it gives you the ability to edit the 3 scroll settings, look speed, volume and FOV, letters cannot be used, but - and all # can be used and do work, like -3 FOV = upsidedown... and you know what happens when someone sets the volume to 94038902340280348032, and the looking speed to 4985340543589, hell is gonna be let loose, plus these settings may add advantages, but not that ive seen, being upside down in a negative FOV seems pretty (disavantadgi-ist).. but who knows..


    OR ​... since i cant use _ and antijack was takenI

    ​FROM YER BOI, NotAntiJack!

    This is an edit seperate from the stuff above, apparently i've just found another bug! i was watching replays using the replay key comm…

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