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• 1/7/2018

Bug or something?

Small thing I found whilst playing the game and trying to find secrets, pressing tab in the options menu, allows you to edit the three scroll settings, look speed, volume and FOV, and to change them with any number and negatives, I'm playing DD thru steam and cant post an image of it.
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• 10/23/2017

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• 10/13/2016

The progress

I am proud of you all, truly. When i first came here, there was barely anything, an then I decided to add the original dagger page. It was the first page I made on any wiki, it was a new experience for me, after a few weeks(or more) more people joined, I decided to stay abit longer. You guys are the best.
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• 7/12/2016

theory's and stuff.

I know this game is not about its lore and or story but its still fun to discuse these things.
The story(i think): The player some how found him self in a room (Which may be hell) and found the dagger, after grabing it the player) is put into a life or death fight with the hourds of hell, which goes on till the player dies, in which the it will start all over.
That what I can tell
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